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Hi All,

01/16/21 UPDATE

First Event:  Sunday, 1/17.  Brisket Wrap Sales

We will be selling premade brisket wraps with grilled peppers and onions tomorrow.  The brisket was cooked by the Knights of Columbus and I will be reheating it Sunday morning.  I presume that we will have about 100 wraps to sell, based on the fact that we have two whole briskets to slice and prepare.  We will sell them for 2/$5.  I have all the necessary items, but need help.  This is a fund raiser for the troop.
What I need from you:  Bring you and your son(s) in the best uniforms you have and arrive around 1:30 so we can set things up and work out a schedule.  We will be serving for likely about an hour.  Cleanup will be virtually unnecessary.  All food will be pre-wrapped and heated, with minimal condiments (sliced jalapeno peppers, various sauces) and all we need to do is pretty much to exchange the food for cash.  
Second Event:  Sunday 1/17.  Flag Ceremony Training.    Mr. William Safford, member of St. Basil the Great, and also a Marine Cadet drill instructor for 30 years has graciously agreed to hold a flag ceremony training specifically for our troop.  It will start at 3:30 at Mater Dei and last about an hour and a half.  Should be excellent training. We will be done in time to attend 5:30 pm Mass if you like.
What is the cost for Events 1 and 2?:  Nothing,
What do you need to bring?  Class A uniform, or as close to it as you can get.
Do you need to sign up?:  Yes.  Sign up available above.