One of the desires of TSG1 is that no family should ever be prevented from joining for financial reasons alone.  Unfortunately, we are not near being able to offer free memberships, but you might be able to do just that by “adopting” or “sponsoring” a family.  The sponsoring family will “adopt” a family in financial difficulty, to the extend of the membership dues and 1 basic set of uniforms (pants, shirts, t-shirts).  Sponsored families will still be responsible for events/camps costs.  It shall be completely anonymous on both ends.  The troop captain will simply keep a file of the pairings.  There would be no vote needed, and no money allocation discussion required.  Either we have a family available to adopt another, or we don’t.  Sponsored families will be initially encouraged to leave the program when and if their financial situation improved.  Please consider this as a long-term commitment, as it would be pretty tough to tell a sponsored family that they have lost their sponsor, therefore, good bye…  Hopefully, through information dissemination and God’s will, we will build up a roster of potential sponsors to where we would never run out.

Typical cost of sponsoring a whole family (keep in mind that the 1st year is quite high due to the initial uniform purchase):

  • 1 dad + 1 boy:  1st year: $312 (uniforms + local and national dues)   –   subsequent years: $140 (local + national dues)
  • 1 dad + 2 boys:  1st year: $464 (uniforms + local and national dues)   –   subsequent years: $210 (local + national dues)
  • 1 dad + 3 boys (cap for dues):  1st year: $576 (uniforms + local and national dues)   –   subsequent years: $240 (local + national dues)


Please contact the troop captain at [email protected] if you would like to become a sponsor.



General Troop 1 Needs - Fun & Activities - Equipment:

  • Donations will go straight to the general Troop 1 account. The officers of the troop will decide how to best allocate these funds (general troop needs, special outings, games, games paraphernalia, charitable works, hardware, logistical improvement, etc...)


  • TSG1 as well as TSG as a whole organization understands the need for vocations and encourages the boys to keep their ears, minds, and souls opened to hear God's call if they were meant to receive it. Vocations can create quite a financial burden on the families. TSG1 wants to be there to assist financially in that instance. This fund is a separate fund, reserved for that very purpose; to help alleviate the costs associated with vocations.