(We only cover the odd Sundays; 1ST, 3RD, AND 5TH Sundays)

Since the Parish Life now has a table with snacks and refreshments, THERE IS NO NEED TO BRING DOUGHNUTS – thank you

Instructions directly from the Mater Dei Parish Coordinator’s Office. Things have evolved since then so I have filtered information to what is relevant as of 2022 


Blessed Day Volunteers,

Thank you for committing to the Welcome Program for the Parish.  We set up a series of videos for you to watch and use at your discretion.  The idea is to have a tables set-up under the permanent canopy with material and refreshments.  Ideally, 2-3 volunteers per shift will do.  You will be assisted by a member of Parish Life.  Our table will only have our troop material and the material listed below.

A separate refreshments table will be set by the parish, so you do not worry about doughnuts, coffee, hot chocolate or lemonade anymore.

Main Materials:  7 Steps into Mater Dei postcards, New Sunday Bulletin, Welcome bin, table(s), chair(s), and optional snacks/doughnuts

Training Videos 

  1. 7 Steps to Mater Dei
  2. Be An Expert – tips for 7 Step Program
  3. How do I get Reimbursed for Coffee Costs?


1130 Mass prep.:


2 banners stored in the Parish Life office, hanging on the wall.

Hang on hooks on the 2 pillars behind the welcome table – the banners are kept in the Parish Life office

I have replaced the missing hook on the left pillar. There are additional removable/reusable hooks in the supplies box if you need replacement or need to use different pillars.

Documents box for the TSG1 Welcome Table.  Please keep neat and organized. It will have TSG stickers on it. It will be stored with the banners in the Parish Life office, on the metal shelves.

Inside the box, you will find:

  • Laminated supplies inventory list
  • Documents folder with pen
  • 3 display documents holders (larger base than before for windy conditions)
  • 2 business cards holders
  • Stack of TSG stickers
  • Box of sticky hooks to hang banners
  • Box of paperclips
  • Spare rubber bands


There are plenty of business cards for you to take a couple and keep in your wallets to distribute. Keep the recruitment efforts strong!

Some of the info might not be exactly up-to-date but we hope it will be again soon. For instance, reinstating Mass at camp is a HUGE goal! Feel free to mention that, AND PRAY FOR IT!

PLEASE NOTIFY Eric Gruchet at 214-213-0216 if any item is running low.

Here is an idea of what it should look like. Or close. TSG stickers should be added soon.

Printing is not cheap. All TSG/TSG1 info can be accessed through the information listed on the business cards and/or “Invitation” cards, which can be generously distributed. So can the TSG stickers. Gauge the level of interest, please. If an individual or family expresses a strong interest, I would suggest taking one of each items in the folder and creating a package using the paperclips provided. Feel free to have 2 or 3 of those ready to go.

The new display holders should withstand quite a bit, but would they come apart, the easiest way to put them back together is to remove the rubber inserts, slide the document holder into them, then push the whole thing into the groove in the base. No need to take them apart every time.


Thank you for your work and dedication. SAINT GEORGE… PRAY FOR US!