Training for Welcome Program 2021/2022

Instructions directly from the Mater Dei Parish Coordinator’s Office.

All the way at the bottom, you will find additional details I thought would be helpful. Because we all know that’s where the devil is, in the details!

Blessed Day Volunteers,

Thank you for committing to the Welcome Program for the Parish.  We set up a series of videos for you to watch and use at your discretion.  The idea is to have a tables set-up under the permanent canopy with material and refreshments.  Ideally, 2-3 volunteers per shift will do.   

Main Materials:  7 Steps into Mater Dei postcards, New Sunday Bulletin, Welcome bin, Refreshments, table(s), chair(s)

Training Videos 

  1. How to Set Up Coffee Station
  2. How to Breakdown the Coffee Station
  3. Setup & breakdown your table (first and last Masses)
  4. 7 Steps to Mater Dei
  5. Be An Expert – tips for 7 Step Program
  6. How do I get Reimbursed for Coffee Costs?



2 TABLES: 1 for food and drinks + 1 for literature. We recommend keeping 1 of the boxes of doughnuts or whatever snack we have on the literature table for the parents to enjoy, and the kiddos to not immediately decimate.

2 banners stored in a plastic bag under the table in the cry room.

Hang on hooks on the 2 pillars behind the welcome table.

Documents box for the various Welcome Table groups.  Please keep neat and organized.

In that box, you will find this docs folder with clear instructions.

Our small box inside the big box, with our lanyards and various cards/supplies.

There are a couple of those displays/holders on the box.  Preferably, use one for our cards, and another for the the 7 Steps Program cards.


This is what it should look like. Or close.



When windy, I have used full coffee/ice tea/lemonade cans to hold the displays holders down.

0830 Mass prep.:

Access the kitchen through the Parish Hall, then keep the outside door propped opened for ease of access. Remember that the Hall may be used for Chapel overflow, so please keep voices down in the kitchen.

Do not use the small “pump” coffee container. It goes too fast.
Always brew 2 containers but leave one plugged in in the kitchen, so people can rotate pots.
Watch the plugs! Some don’t work… 🙂

That’s the big brute I would start with. Fill with water to the line. MAKE SURE you pick the right shaft, coffee basket and lid, or it will not percolate properly. BTW, “4-1/2 cups of grounds” is for sissies. I would do no less that 1″ thick unless you like coffee through which you can see the bottom of the cup…

Turn on. When brew is completed, it will automatically go on “Keep Warm”

The sight glass has browned over time. Do not take it as an indication that the brew was successful. Try a cup!

The small brute. Again, make sure you have the right shaft…

…and the right “basket”

That’s where you’ll (typically) find the coffee, to the right of the sink.

On this one, the light stays off until the brew is completed, then it lights up.

To the right of the coffee, the supplies. Feel free to improvise as long as you get everything needed. Don’t forget the water jug, in which you will pour the content of a bag of ice that you can find in one of the big freezers. There is a rolling table you can use to bring all that to the tables.