Our national store is open and uniforms are available for online purchase!  Click here to be redirected to our national TSG store:

Save the shipping costs:

Our uniforms/TSG store items distributor is located here in Dallas.  The shipping costs when ordering are hefty.  He has kindly agreed to let us pick up our ordered items at his home office.  So here is how to proceed if you want to save shipping:
  1. Go to https://troopsofsaintgeorge.org/shop/ and shop away!
  2. At check out, under “Order Notes”, type “WILL PICK UP – PLEASE REFUND SHIPPING” (do not feel bad, there is no built-in profit in the shipping costs)
  3. Although it will appear as if you will be charged shipping, it will be refunded to your CC
  4. Contact John Washmon with JRW2 Marketing to arrange pick up.  He would prefer email communication so he has a trail
  5. John’s info:
    JRW2 Marketing Services
    c/o TSG
    3329 Northaven Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75229
    [email protected]

Free uniforms:

See the link below for a list of uniforms that cadets or fathers have grown out of and are available.  Please let me know if you have anything you are not using and want to make available to others.  Self-managed = contact the person with available items directly.

Please let me know when one of your items has been claimed, so I can remove it from the list.




  • The troop will provide all patches, pins, and stars.
  • We strongly suggest you sew a velcro backing to the patches and uniforms.  That way patches can be replaced and uniforms can be traded without having to remove patches the hard way.
  • Porter’s Army Navy (see link under “Resources”) carries  4″-wide velcro by the foot ($1.50/ft/side, which is cheap!).  Right now, they only have it in khaki, which would work, but Mr. Porter agreed to start carrying Drab Green, which will better match our uniform.  He should have it by Thu. 04/02/15.
  • Our boonie hats are available at Porter’s Army Navy as well.  Mr. Porter knows which one they are (the only ones with velcro all around)


If you need alterations made or shields/velcros sewn:

We have tailors/seamstresses in our midst!  The Roach’s are TSG1 members and Mater Dei parishioners.  Mrs. Roach is a professional and her daughter share her skills.  You can contact Angela at:

[email protected]