As a cadet ages, he automatically moves up the the next patrol.  However, he will not receive the equivalent Shield until all relevant AC’s (Accomplishment Courses) requirements have been met.

Once a Cadet has fulfilled the AC’s relevant to his Patrol level, his father should let the captain know which shield his cadet is ready for, and the captain will give the corresponding shield to the father.  The father should take it home, saw the velcro to the uniform and the back of the shield, and return the shield to the captain at the next camp.

The following ceremony will take place during an assembly before the the Saturday Mass:

The cadet’s father should stand behind him, to the left, with his right hand on his son’s left shoulder.  He is presenting him to the officers of the troop.  The father should announce that his son has achieved the specific requirements and recommends that he receives the [patch/star].

The Troop Captain should congratulate the father (only), and loudly (ceremoniously) ask the cadet: “Can your brothers trust you to carry this symbol with pride and honor?”

  •  Promise:

(To be recited while performing the Trinitarian salute and facing the Troop Captain, while the Officers of the Troop stand by the Captain side)

“I am a St. George Cadet!  I pledge before God and my Brothers, to honor all men, love the Brotherhood, fear God, and honor the King.

 I vow to set an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.

 For the glory of God and the honor of His troop: PARATI SEMPER!”

At this point, the Captain places the cadet back to “attention”, and apply the patch/star to his uniform.  The cadet will kneel in front of the Troop Chaplain (standing to the right of the captain) to receive his blessing.  He will then go back to face the captain, salute the captain, who will salute him back, shake his hand, and congratulate him warmly.  The cadet should repeat the salute down the line to every Officer of the Troop.  When he is done, the rest of the Troop should cheer and clap loudly.