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Day event – Class A uniforms

Our troop day of reflection, previously held in December of each year, is coming up this Saturday the 16th.  As you may recall, this change in plans was put into motion at the request of Fr. McDonnell during Advent, and the date selected was ultimately by Fr. McDonnell in consultation with the pastor taking into consideration the other parish activities also ongoing. I plan on moving this event back to December for 2019.   Fr. McDonnell has provided the following agenda for the day for us:
9:30                  Mass with Sermon
10:15 to 10:45  Break
10:45 to 11:15  Conference
11:15 to  Noon  Outdoors
12:00 to 12:20  Rosary
12:20 to  1:00   Conference
1:00   to  1:30   Lunch
1:30   to  2:15  Outdoors
2:15   to  2:30  Benediction
While not part of the day of reflection, per our discussion during the last camp out, we will also:
2:30   to  3:30  Inventory and Organize Camp Trailer
I have let Fr McDonnell know that we are working on the apologetic achievement course and have targeted Easter to be the time when we all individually complete this course, per our discussion during the last camp out.
I will purchase lunch materials for this event, which will consist of cold cuts, chips, drinks etc, as we ordinarily have during our camp outs.  If you require specific foods, please let me know and I will make sure we have some on hand.
Thank you.  God bless.