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Hi All,
I have attached a spreadsheet with the current details on the camp.  I visited HQ this week and found it unsuitable for camping due to excessive standing water, so we will be going to an alternative camping place:  Meridian State Park, and we will be camping in the Cedar Ridge Youth Group Camp site.  The file below contains links to various maps of the park and emergency services.
This camp out we are going to hike the trails in the morning and work on advancement items after a Ranger led program about animals right after lunch on Saturday. So bring your current list of advancement items you have already completed, and those you anticipate working on.
I am checking with Fr. McDonnell on Mass for Saturday afternoon, and will update you on any changes well prior to the weekend.
You will not have to personally pay any park camping fee for this trip, that is covered by the Troop.  However, because this camp is at the state park, you will need to purchase a day use pass for each individual that is $5/person/day unless you have a park passport, in which case the fee is waived (by the way, the annual pass is 70/year and it gets you in all parks for free for everyone in your car.  If you visit 2 or more times anywhere, it pays for itself, or so I have found out.  You can buy a pass at the park if you like, and any day use fees for this event will be waived).  That payment will need to be made by you when you register at the gate when you arrive.  Those arriving after the office at the park closes, it is no problem, you can address it Saturday morning.  I will give further instructions on late arrivals on Thursday the 21st.
Let me know if you have problems with the spreadsheet file by texting me at 972 375-1934 and I will get a different file format to you .
Thank you.  God bless.