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The long range forecast shows temps from the 30-s at nite to mid 50’s during the day with 10-20% chance of rain.  That sunday is supposed to be sunny.  We shall see. We will need to bring our own wood, so if you have some, let me know.
First:  the deer hunting did not materialize this year:  we need to secure a place earlier and during hunting season.  I have access to a raw land place near RockSpring in Edwards County, but that is 7 hours from here (one way).  A closer place would be better.  For this camp, we will, instead, be going back to Restoration Homestead (10032 SE County Rd. 4200 Kerens TX, 75144, map location here:https://goo.gl/maps/EqKm8DiitcT2).  While we won’t be harvesting and processing deer, we will be harvesting and processing chickens.  This is a neat place and they have hosted us before.  The last time we were there, they killed a pig for us, allowed us to gather eggs, taught the boys how to forge and print, and we fished.

In the alternative to deer hunting, we will focus on two main tracks this camp:  harvesting chickens (literally from cluck to tin foil baked chicken, chicken tortilla soup, and fresh baked no knead bread).  While all boys will observe actual dispatching, cleaning, and preparing for cooking at least 1 bird, not all will have to actually do the dirty deeds.  We will need about 4-7 boys total to do all of the chicken processing, vegetable chopping, etc, so be thinking if your son would be one to do this.   All boys, however, will also help prepare the harvesting process by 1) helping to lash together an A-frame device from which to dangle chickens while being dispatched, 2) build a fire and prepare the scald pot, and 3) all boys will aid in making the no knead bread.  Mixing the bread will begin Friday night, the cooking of it will occur Saturday in the brick oven.  As to the lashing of the A-frame.  All boys will do this , perhaps working in small groups of 3 or 4 boys each, and the best A frame built will be used in the chicken harvesting, so all will actually lash together a couple of tripods and cross members.

Those boys not actually helping to dispatch and prepare the chickens will go on a five mile backpack/hike. The goal here is to have each boy prepare and pack a pack, then go on a five mile hike carrying that pack.  The hike will begin and end at the camp area.  This will help as we begin to integrate backpacking into our ordinary activities, at least in part.  If you like, you may also ‘pack it in’ and live out of your backpack this weekend if you like as well.

Whether the boys harvest chickens or go on a 5 mile hike, we need to work on the Apologetics AC.  To make this happen, I would like to get each of you Dads to look thru the AC and be prepared to teach the boys some aspect of the course.  This teaching will be done during the hike/harvesting by taking maybe 30-45 minutes out of the activity, or perhaps have two 20-minute sessions and study two aspects of the course.  The goal here is to actually teach the boys some of this material, as we all know how important these skills are for our boys.   The AC can be found by downloading the Field Guide from the TSG main web page here:  https://troopsofsaintgeorge.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/2018-09-21-TSG-Officers-Manual-2018-Ed.pdf

In addition, I am asking for songs that we can sing.  IF you know of a good campfire related or hiking related song that we can all learn, I want us to do that during the morning session of hiking and harvesting as well.  Yes, I am open for suggestions.  And, yes, we will need to make copies enough for everyone to learn from.  We should be able to all sing the selected song(s) at the campfire Saturday evening without resorting to the song sheet.

Also, note that we will be taking an hour Sunday morning to go over advancement status, so get a hold of a field manual and start seeing where you and your boy(s) are in this regard.

While we almost have the new payment system up and running, it may not be in time for this camp.  Therefore, we will have ordinary registration for this camp starting this weekend, January 19. I will send out a notice that registration is open probably Saturday night.  Please register No Later Than Monday evening, January 21 so we can make proper food purchases, etc.
I need from you  two things:  1)  which aspect of the AC or lashing effort you would like to address for the boys, and 2) which of your boys would would like to take part in the actual dispatching and preparation of the chickens.

Thank you.  God bless.