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Special cost for this one: $20/camper, ($60 family max).

Hi folks,

Here is a .pdf of the file that contains the agenda for the weekend: 2020.10.22 Multi Troop Contio at Clear Creek Monastery
How to get there:  From Mater Dei, drive about 4.5 hours using the directions in this link:  https://goo.gl/maps/JYTKPJQbfpCK61h6A
Meals:  If you arrive in the evening, you are on your own for that meal, but food will be purchased and prepared jointly for the troop for the remaining meals.
Where to camp:  Camp site will be in a field about 20 minutes SE of the monastery building itself.  Note on the annotated photos that are part of the agenda file (attached) where our troop is to camp.  Set up your tents in our general area, as outlined on the maps. We will be doing a lot of walking after dark, so bring a good flashlight, batteries, and dress accordingly
Be aware that if you rely on phone service for mapping you will get lost, as once you head east out of Wagoner, Ok, service becomes very spotty.  Print out the maps and take them in the car with you.
We are going to be doing:  blacksmithing, knife and hatchet throwing, orienteering, and firewood cutting.  So, bring good work gloves, your compass, and a sharp knife.
We will be heading to the Monastery several times a day, some to take part in the liturgy of the hours, some to hear a talk from a Monk, and some to attend Mass with the Monks.  Make sure you are prepared with rosary in hand.
I personally will be departing from Mater Dei after son Peter gets finished with a class on Thursday, Oct 22 at around 11 am.  I am planning to arrive at the camp area on the Monastery property  by 5 as I want to be able to set up in the daylight.  That means if you wish or need to contact me, I will be reachable pretty surely until about 4 pm on Thursday.  After that, I doubt seriously that I will be able to receive a phone signal for the remainder of the stay.
Emergency Services:  the closest is in Wagoner not far from the Super Walmart.  Check out the maps..
If you have not signed up for this camp on the web page, please do so by Wednesday afternoon as I will be purchasing food.  Let me know how many of you there will be and approximately when you will be arriving, and when you plan on departing.  It helps a lot in the planning.
Donation for the Monastery:  Bring a contribution for the monastery as you deem fit. We will make a formal presentation of our collective gift.  You, of course,  are under no obligation to make a donation, but please consider doing so, either privately to the guestmaster, or jointly with the TSG.   Also, they have an excellent gift shop and you may wish to avail yourselves of what they have.  It is not cheap, but they have an excellent assortment of spiritual books and lots of religious articles that you may find that you can’t live without.  They appreciate your patronage.
Thank you.  God bless.