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Typical camp schedule and fee.  RSVP requested.


During this camp we will establish our normal camp. This camp will focus on Paddling on the HQ Lake. We will have 6 canoes and life jackets and paddles enough for 18 to ride at any one time.
Early Saturday morning we will retrieve the game camera we set up a couple of months ago, and do an early morning hike and critter observing. Late in the morning thru the rest of the day we
will have water sports on the pond. We will teach you how to paddle and you will get plenty of time on the water as we will have a grand canoeing races, and may the best team win! Bring your
own kayak or water craft if you wish. We will also begin some work on the existing fishing piers. Of course, fishing is on as usual, as will be foosball. Registration open from 5/21 thru wed, 5/28
Fee is standard $15/per person with $45/family cap.

NOTE:  Fr. McDonnell will join us and offer Confessions and the Sacrifice of the Mass, so your Sunday obligation will be met!

Camp schedule and details: