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While we originally planned to visit Clear Creek Monastery this March, that will not be possible this camp.  Should you wish to travel to Clear Creek, I have asked Troops 5 and 31, who I understand are planning to visit Clear Creek, one in March, one in April if some could tag along with them.  Contact me at 972 375 1934 if you wish to do this.
During this camp we will establish our normal camp.  However, on Saturday morning, the seniors will  pack their backpacks with all they will need and hike about a mile out and establish a tent camp, bringing all they will need with them, including food and water, tents, etc.  Cadets not remote camping will work on camp craft skills, till the backpackers are ready to leave, then will begin a 3 mile hike and tag along with the backpackers until they arrive at their camp spot.  The younger cadets will then continue on their hike while the seniors will set up camp. Lunch on the trail.   All will join at the campfire Saturday night. We will focus on our goal of completing the apologetic AC for all participants and will also spend time to make sure that each cadet is in possession of their proper rank and patches.  Of course, fishing is on as usual, as will be foosball.  Registration open from 3/12-3/19.  Fee is standard $15/per person with $45/family cap.  We may have two loaner backpacks so if you would like to borrow one, let Captain Toups know by 3/12.
NOTE:  Registration for this event will be open from 3/12 thru 3/19.  Please register within this window of time.
Please click on the following link for camp details: TSG 1 Campout March 22-24 2019 Details
Thank you.  God bless.