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Troops and friends who are willing to help raise funds:

The Mater Dei Knights of Columbus are organizing fundraisers for Mater Dei parish and parish-related groups, including ours, consisting of selling breakfast tacos after Masses. We have been given the opportunity to take home the profits of this event, which was substantial last time we helped with one of these.
Please prepare to assist after the 8:30, 9:15, and 11:30 am Masses on September 18. We can split up into a couple of groups, but it is recommended that we have at least 2 or 3 families help–one or two to serve and one to police the common areas, picking up trash, etc.
Tacos will be provided, and they might ask for some logistical help moving things around, but for the most part our role will be to sell tacos, and TSG and simultaneously man the welcome table, since that will be our week for that. Actually, that’s my weekend for the welcome table.
Please RSVP by this Friday, September 9, Noon, to let me know you will be there to help, and let me know your preferred time so we can divide this up and conquer it.


Christopher Hatfield, Captain
Troop 1
Prima Inter Pares
Troops of Saint George
Virtus.  Honor.  Fraternitas.
Cell: 907-229-4135