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09/12/22 UPDATE:
From Eddy Koch, our coordinator for this event:
Hi Troops,
Wow, what a response to this wonderful event. We are closing registration due to being at full capacity of 44 souls. Thank you all for your participation and I look forward to enjoying this event with all of you. I will be sending more information out the week of, so, watch for it.
God Bless
Eddy Koch
Please read below a description and read the attachments sent by the esteemed Captain Emeritus of Troop 33, Eddy Koch, on this event, and RSVP and Return your forms by September 5th. I’m sorry for the very fast turnaround, but this has taken a fair amount of coordination. Also note, we don’t have a certain cost per person, yet, because it depends on how many we get. The more that sign up, the less it will cost.
Hello Troop 1;

On behalf of Captain Hatfield, may this email find everyone abundantly blessed. Prepare yourselves for a wonderful time. Troop 33 did this event early this year and it was truly a hit with everyone. We will be staying in a bunkhouse with plenty of bunkbeds for the dads and cadets, so much of your camp equipment can be left behind – YAY! There are two attached documents: 092322 Astronomy Camp  has all the information you need to prepare. The Release of Liability document must be filled out by each father and emailed back to me. Troops 1 and 33 will be together on this camp as well as on many future events this year. This will be a shared expense camp so be sure to bring cash to pitch in for groceries and the bunkhouse which can be turned in at the TSG registration table. Your RSVP and return of the Release of Liability by September 5th is critical for planning by us and the Astronomy Campus. Once we have the total number of participants we can supply you with a cost guesstimate!Two days prior to the Astronomy Camp, CSAC will send me more definitive information about our bunkhouse and event schedule which I will immediately forward to everyone.

You do not want to miss this amazing event of solar viewing and star/planetary/nebula gazing through telescopes the likes of which most people have never experienced.

If you have any issues with the attachments or questions, please feel free to contact me at 972-922-1485 or [email protected].

Please click on the 2 links below:

Release of Liability

092322 Astronomy Camp

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Numbers 6:24-26
Christopher Hatfield, Captain
Troop 1
Prima Inter Pares
Troops of Saint George
Virtus.  Honor.  Fraternitas.
Cell: 907-229-4135