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Typical camp schedule and fee, although gates will be opened at 1700.  If you want to arrive earlier and know St. George Feast Day, you should have no problem opening the lock.

Fr McDonnell we will there to hear Confessions and celebrate Mass Saturday afternoon.
The schedule is simple:  dock build starting early Saturday till done.  We need dads to bring their cordless drills.  We will have a generator and power saws, so the dads need to think about gloves for them and their boys and to decide what level of involvement their cadet(s) will have; screw, saw, deck paint or all the above.
The Warners have been a true blessing to our troop by letting us use their wonderful land all these years, and by maintaining it for us as well.  Our area is freshly mowed for every camp, and that is not by coincidence.  This will be a great opportunity to do something for them in return.  This is not a completely selfless gift either, since we will certainly make good use of these docks.  They are looking forward to us performing this renovation.  Let’s show up in numbers, so we can do a job TSG1 is proud to call its own!