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1.   Camp prep: our next camp, scheduled for 02/26/16 will be an obstacle/challenge course.  Those are extremely popular with the boys, and we plan on it not only being fun, but also foster team work and altruism.  There should be many obstacles and challenges, more than just a few men can handle.  If this is to be successful, it will require the involvement of many dads for planning, preparation, and supplies.  For this reason, please make every effort to attend, even if your boy(s) cannot.  If you are not able to make next camp, you can still help with the planning.
2.   SENIORS: one of this year goals was to start establishing patrols, with internal rankings and responsibilities.  We would like to get this started with the Seniors.  Once established and tested, we will consider how to organize younger patrols next, although their leadership rests on the adult leaders.  Please review the Officers Manual guidelines (website, under “Resources”) with your Senior Cadet to prepare.  A vote would likely take place next month.  All seniors should view this meeting as mandatory.
To recap, this meeting is for ALL DADS, ALL SENIORS, and optional for juniors.