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The seniors will be blindfolded and dropped off (with adult leaders) at an undisclosed location.  Once there, they will be provided with basic satellite and topo maps with 2 dots: 1 for where they are, and the other for their destination, our campsite.  They will receive no further assistance from the adults.  They will have to use their orientation, orienteering and compass skills to find their way home.  If they choose the most expeditious route, it should be a 10 miles hike.  If not, we could be treating blisters at night on an empty stomach!

The seniors and accompanying dads will need:

  • Good, comfortable hiking/walking shoes/boots
  • Canteen
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Backpack (for their lunches, jackets, canteen, flashlight, etc…)
  • Rain gear (suggestions: poncho with hood, change of socks, towels in the car, etc…)

The juniors will stay at HQ and will work on their respective patrol requirement for the purpose of obtaining their shields.  If there is spare time, the junior leaders will consider other activities such as campground hike, games, planning and design of patrols staffs (banners).  If the seniors run late, the juniors will prep for Mass and dinner.

The junior cadets who have already fulfilled their requirements can either work on the next ones or assist the adults.