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Regular camp schedule and fee.

There is a lot of firewood to dispose of over there and we are running low at HQ.  If anyone has a trailer that we could use to load up on firewood, please bring it.  Bring chainsaws as well, please.

1:30 drive from Irving

Location map inaccurate, please use the following and see the pictures below:
Coordinates: 33.597 N, 97.608 W (very exact on Google Earth)

Prepare well, cell service might be spotty over there.  Follow the dirt road to the left of the house until you run (soflty please) into one of us.

Directions from Montague, TX:

From Lt. Hatfield: Based on what I see on the event page and Google Earth, it looks like its right at where Die Mound (with an i) turns into Netherly, just Northeast of the intersection of Netherly and Dye Mound (with a y).  Interesting choice of street names.

Inline image 1