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A few of important points first:

  • The trailer will not be there.  This is a “minimalist” camp where each family is responsible for all of their supplies and sustenance.  Please read carefully the event schedule, especially the “gear” section below.
  •  leadership TBD.
  • It is an option to camp at Rochelle’s  Friday evening, but you would be on your own.  They have a very nice campground with swing rope onto the river, fishing spots, etc….  $10 per car.  Again, not sponsored, but I will be glad to let everyone know who will be spending the night so you can meet up.  Contact Rochelle’s directly for reservations: http://www.rochellescanoeandkayakrental.com/
  • Weather and water levels look good, but stay on top of communications as things could change.  The dam is releasing water daily and I was told the river was fine, with a lot of people canoeing.  The levels will be checked one last time the day before.
  • There will be no Mass.  It can be considered travel, and the obligation is not rigid in those cases.


Here is a description of things to expect:

Journey – From Rochelle’s downstream to pick up point is 10 mile. Probably about 7-8 hours total canoe time. Approximately halfway (maybe a little more) should be some sand bars sufficient for camping. Departure is 8:30 am Saturday morning.  We don’t want to sweat it last last time, so this will basically be the same trek, but over 2 days, with plenty of free time to enjoy the water, swim, fish, rest alongside a bank, etc…

You will be provided with a sat phone and a Epi-Pen.  Bring your own first-aid kit.


  1. Potential Schedule:
    • Saturday
      • meet at 0830 at the Rochelle’s let-in location, just down from their office
      • 0900 let in
      • 12 pm – gather on water in canoes for Angelus if not at campsite/continue to campsite
      • 12:30-1 pm lunch and set up camp
      • 1-5 fish for dinner, swim, enjoy
      • 3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet
      • 6-8pm Dinner on own
      • 8-9pm s’mores if you brought them and successfully make a fire
      • 9pm rosary
      • 10pm lights out
    • Sunday
      • 7am rise
      • 7:15 am Morning Prayers
      • 7:30-8:30 Breakfast on own, pack up camps
      • 8:30-10:30am explore, fish, enjoy
      • 10:30am Canoe departure
      • 12:00 stop for angelus and lunch
      • 1pm continue to pick up point/back to Rochelle’s
      • Pick-up between 1499 and 1600.  You can call for an earlier pick-up, but you would be responsible for the extra $20 pick-up fee.

Recommended supplies:

  1. Water/Food
    • Water 1 gallon/person/day or combination bring/purify. No special equipment for purification except empty gallon jug (you already drank one), a pot and a flame to boil. Bringing powdered Gatorade is great if hot out and for flavoring purified water.
    • Food:
      • hope to catch dinner for Saturday night
      • packaged dishes that require hot water like ramen, Knorr pastas or rice, oatmeal, foil packaged meats, MRE’s or prepakaged meals from Cabelas, BassPro, REI or walmart. Nutritional bars/nuts for snacks, oil, seasonings
  2. Gear:
    • Waterproof bag for your gear – Awesome Large Dry Bag on Amazon at great price
    • SUNSCREEN, bug repellent
    • Shelter (luxury: 2-3 man tent  or primitive: tarp) large could be problematic – camping on sand bars
    • Ground cloth/tarp
    • ultra-light sleeping bag or blanket (will be hot)
    • Cordage 25-50ft
    • mess kit (eating and cooking)
    • Fire starting materials (lighter,matches)
    • Camp Stove (small, propane) I have a couple
    • Flashlight (backup batteries)
    • Toiletries (w/biodegradable soaps) every store with gear has camp soap
    • Knife and rosary – DUH!
    • Hat
    • Saw (several will have these)
    • trash bags
    • extra clothes – GONNA GET WET!
    • If you bring cooler be sure it locks and tied-in case canoe capsizes
    • Fishing gear / pole or primitive
    • The troop will bring and Epi-Pen and a basic 1st aid kit
    • THINK BAGS TO KEEP STUFF DRY, ZIPLOCK BAGS, A WAY TO ATTACH EVERYTHING TO YOUR CANOE, AND DRINKING WATER! Given the amount of stuff you will have to take with you, 2 per canoe should probably be the max.  We will spread people out to make it work.

Check out Rochelle’s checklist: http://www.rochellescanoeandkayakrental.com/checklist


  • Canoe Rental Overnight = $50.00/canoe + $20.00 (covered by troop) – refundable deposit/canoe
  • Camping Friday Night = $10/car for those who want to camp either Fri. or Sun.

Satellite Phone rental $80 + calls @ $1.75/min (troop will have one but feel free to rent your own)