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Your yearly patriotic TSG1 event!

Free event.  No registration required.

Freshly pressed Class A uniforms; mandatory for the Flags Retirement Ceremony.

0800 – 1700

Please make every possible effort to be there for at least the Flag Retirement Ceremony so we have a large enough Honor Guard to properly honor our veterans and our flag.  Ceremony at 1430, be there at 1400 for practice.

We will be needed for several things:

  1. I will bring a Bell 47 helicopter for display at 0730 and will depart at 1700.  We will have to take turns guarding it the whole time.  We will be selling raffle tickets for a ride on it from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.
  2. During the event, take turns manning a paintball tent.  Setup and supplies provided by the event organizers.
  3. Prepare flags to be disposed during the Flag Retirement Ceremony
  4. Run the Flags Retirement Ceremony (part of the “patriotism” AC)
  5. Throughout the day, help with the sorting of items and the care packages preparation (part of the “patriotism” AC)
  6. Meet and greet veterans and active duty military members, and invite them to participate in the ceremony
  7. Help with the clean-up
  8. Anything else we might be needed for “on the spot”

The whole point of this if not only to honor our Flag and veterans, but to prepare care packages to be sent to overseas active military personnel.  Every penny raised will go towards the shipping costs.  So, get your cadets to set collections boxes at schools, churches, local businesses (and dad’s business!), etc…  Do not prepare your own shipping boxes as UniteForTroops has their process in place and can do it much more efficiently.  It would only complicate shipping for them.  All the needed items are listed on the flyer.  For more info about the organization, visit: http://unitefortroops.com/