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Regular camp schedule and fee.  Hoping to have the auto-payment set up before next camp.

Those arriving should enter thru the gate, and leave the gate the way the found it as there are cattle on the property.
There will be a night hike and a day hike, so bring hiking gear (boots, please) and canteen, for sure!  There will be Mass and Confessions Saturday afternoon/evening.
Everyone will be able to participate in the shootout as there will be adequate supplies so that those without their own need not worry about being able to participate.  Those with weapons  may bring them and their own supplies as well.  There is pond fishing available, so bring fishing gear if one wishes to fish.
Weather won’t affect the trip as it is considerably dryer that far to the west.
We will also be working on elements of the flag ceremony in preparation for the Saturday, November 10th Veterans Day activities all of the troops will be engaged in at Porter’s Army/Navy store in Irving.  In addition, we will also be working on elements of the cooking achievement course during this camp.  So, make sure all review those items (flag ceremonies and cooking achievement requirements) prior to arriving at camp and make sure you are ready to work on some elements of those that you need..
Captain O’Flaherty tells me that he will send out a detailed agenda Sunday evening, and I will email that to all the members directly so that they have it.




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