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Here is the scoop on the Canoe Trip:
When:  June 16-20, 2021
Where:  (see maps below) 55 miles of the Sabine River (20 year guide says this will be very easy to accomplish in the time allotted, as the river flows between 3 and 6 mph, typically) starting at toledo bend dam and ending at the Hwy 190 crossing of the sabine just east of Ben Weir.
Cost:    Getting there and back:  Your cover your own transportation to the river and back  (approx 4.5 hours and 275 miles one way).
             If renting a canoe:  $100 for the canoe (inc life jackets, paddles, up to 3 persons per canoe) and your share of the $100 shuttle back to vehicles at the end of the trip. If we have 5 families, then $20/family.
                                             If bringing your own canoe or kayak, then just your portion of the shuttle ride back to the origins.
Food:   On each family’s own unless we plan and do a joint food venture.
Communications:  Apparently because the La Hwy 111 follows closely to the east of the river, Verizon is good signal entire length of river.  Don’t know about other carriers.
Equipment:  Your fishing gear, tent/tarp, cooking, clothing, and  DEET Mosqueto Based Repellant.
River Conditions:  only 1 small class 1 rapid on the first day  (not a problem).  Not otherwise dangerous.  River flow rates are good all year as there is a base flow from TB dam year round.  It his a hydroelectric dam, so
                                river flows are higher when generating electricity.  We can know this by observing the Sabine River Authority dam site information.
Meeting to Discuss/Plan:  Tuesday, June 1 8:00 pm via Zoom meeting, as follows: 

Topic: TSG 1 Sabine River Canoe Trip Planning
Time: Jun 1, 2021 08:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting
by computer:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9728656826?pwd=SGZsVnNIOTVCS1Y4aDlhd0hNWlVWUT09
by dialing in:  346 248 7799

and using the following, whether joining by computer or phone:

Meeting ID: 972 865 6826
Passcode: 0423  (all numbers, by the way, it is St George’s feast day)
When do I need to know if you are going:  Thursday, June 3.
Thursday, June 17
2:00 pm.  Rendezvous at Tak-a-Paw Canoe Rental (TAP)
2:45 pm.  Embark on the river at a put in spot just south of the Toledo Bend dam.  TAP will shuttle us.
5:00 pm   Find a good camp spot.  Will be about 6-8 miles downstream from put in point.
Friday, June 18
9:00 am:  Get on River
6:00 pm:   Camp
Saturday, June 19
9:00 am:  Get on River
6:00 pm:  Camp
Sunday, June 20
8:00 am:    Get on the River.
10:00 am:  Rendezvous with Tak-A-Paw at the Sabine Hwy 190 River Bridge.
11:30 am:   Arrive at car storage location via TAP shuttle.
Noon:         Head back to Dallas
Note that the river runs 1-2 miles to the west, and pretty much meanders parallel with, La Hwy 111:
Note that the scale of this image(lower right of the image)  and displays on my computer screen as about  a mile to the quarter inch or so.
Thank you.  God bless.