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At the beginning of the year, we hoped to train up for a wargame at this camp. However, life being what it sometimes is, we have not had the opportunities to obtain the training necessary for such an experience.
In lieu of this, our esteemed former Troops colleague and continuing guest, Captain (Emeritus-Troop 33) Eddy Koch has once again offered to show us the ways of foraging at our Troop 1 HQ. We will plan for only Friday night to Saturday evening so as not to interfere with Mother’s Day. Feel free to come for only Saturday, if necessary, but please arrive early so as to have a full day of hiking and foraging education. If you arrive too late in the morning, the troops will end up hiking away from the main camp, and you might miss out. Schedule and location details will be forthcoming on this event page, and I will notify you via email when that is ready. For now, please consider whether you can attend and RSVP/Register now.
1Lt. Fusselman and I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend, so Lt. Zipper will be in charge, with the support of the other officers who attend. I’m sorry to have to miss this one: it is a peaceful day of hiking, fellowship, and learning how to survive on the plants that God’s nature provides, should that ever become necessary, and Captain Koch always makes it interesting.