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Typical camp schedule and cost, at TSG1 camp HQ.  We will have the pleasure and honor to be hosting the Magnanimous TSG77!

As usual, gate will open at 1600 Fri., and close at 1000 Sun.

By popular demand, it will be an even improved repeat of last month very successful obstacles/challenges course.

The main activity will consist of an obstacle/challenge course, to be completed by the cadets split by troops.  Beyond the benefits of good  physical exercise, the cadets will use problem solving skills, but especially team work, as they will have to learn to work together and help each others through the course.  They are guaranteed to have great fun in the process as well.  Every cadet will have to get through each challenge before the team can proceed to the next one.  Teams will be timed.  The winning team will get to enjoy a peaceful post-dinner relaxation around the campfire, while the loosing team will get to enjoy a peaceful dinner dish-washing session around the cleaning station!

 Here are a couple of very important elements:
  •   Kids will get filthy, which will be a lot of fun for them and create a lot of great memories!  We will have 16 obstacles/challenges for them to go through, some over water.  We might do away with a few if it’s really really bad out there, but they will get dirty nonetheless.  Bring dirty clothes for the course, towels and lots of wet wipes or whatever cleaning supplies!  If absolutely needed, we will be able to use a faucet and hose located up the road about 7 min walk away.
  • PARKING:  The land will get rain Wednesday, and as you know, the TX clay can make driving on it dicey and we do not want to tear up the land.   Please monitor emails, as me may update you as we arrive and survey the field.  In the event we cannot use the regular parking area (Click here: Campground Map), we will use the gravel road (straight down the entrance) to park, and carry our stuff on foot.  The trailer will be first since it will have to be positioned behind the kitchen area.  Once a car is parked, it shouldn’t move until we break camp.  If you must leave camp early, be either the last one to park, or use the following back-up parking plan:
    Drop your stuff up at the campsite, then relocate to the property located at 74 Kepler road, which belongs to the landowner.  If coming from the south road, it is the property right across the 90 deg left turn in the road, immediately after passing the water towers.  It is a lot more of a rocky soil.  Park on the north side of that gravel road, between the trees.  Please park tight to make room for everyone.  It is not ideal, but we’ll have to make it work if needed.  7 min walk back to camp.  See the back-up parking map by clicking here: Back-up parking map

TSG1: For those ready to receive their Shield, remember to review the ceremony and memorize the “Promise”                         (https://www.tsg1.org/cadets-badge-ceremony/), and to have both the shirt and shield ready with velcro.