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Camp at the LBJ Grasslands. N. TX Orienteering Dillo-Goat Competition!!

A few of us had some practice last week using maps and compasses, and now it’s time for us to put our skills to the test. Don’t worry about not making it last week: Show up anyway.
I’m sorry for the delay in providing information on this camp: I’ve been struggling to obtain all the information we need, and I didn’t want to send excess emails like I have been known to do.
We’re still trying to nail down the details of the orienteering competition: The organization putting on this event does not seem very forthcoming with their registration for it. A couple of generous donors who are aware of this event have offered to cover the extra costs involved with the competition, so please include these anonymous donors and their families in your prayer intentions.
Our liaison with the competition organization is keeping an eye out for the registration and will register us for the competition. Assuming the registration does open, In order to be registered for the competition, you must register for this camp by NO LATER THAN 8 AM WEDNESDAY MORNING. Our liaison will register for us after that.
At the LBJ Grasslands, it’s open camping. People can camp where they want when they want, so we face a couple of challenges. First, we need to figure out where the competition will be and how close to that we can camp. Secondly, since people can come and camp where and when they want, we have to figure out how to establish a location and claim it so we all know where we’re all going to be. It’s possible that we could decide on location A and go out there on Friday and find people camping there. If anyone can go out early on Friday, please volunteer to do so. So, the precise location is TBD. I’ll let you know as soon as we can get the information we need and get a plan A and plan B in place.
As far as cost, thanks to our generous donors, we will ask for only the usual cost: $15 per person, max $45 per family.
The Troop has some compasses like in the image, but if you can pick up one for you and your son(s), that would be good, too. Also, buy cold weather gear and sub-freezing (I recommend sub-zero) sleeping bags. Are you man enough to handle it? It will be challenging and uncomfortable–a great way to start the “New Year” on a manly footing.

Lastly, and importantly: I am unable to secure sacraments for this camp. The Grasslands are about 1 hour 15 minutes from Mater Dei in smooth traffic, so it would be possible to pack up camp on Sunday and make the 13:30 Mass there, at least.


Christopher Hatfield, Captain
Troop 1
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