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General Orientation of the Event

The Goal

The goal of this camp is to allow everyone to learn how to build and set snares, to learn to identify animal sign in the wild, and to learn to stalk animals and observe them in the wild while not disturbing them.  Most of the snares and traps will be targeting small game:  rabbits, coyotes, bobcat, squirrel, raccoon, etc.  We also will have two different type of hog traps operational, one cage trap with guillotine door and one large round trap.  In addition, we will be bating several areas using corn and ‘hog pipes’.   This will be a hands on camp.  You will set snares and traps and I guarantee (I guaaroooonnntttteeeeee, as Justin Wilson used to say) you will have fun.

We will be doing extensive woods walking this weekend.  Make sure you bring good boots and long pants and shirts.  The woods are pretty accessible, but you will be doing brushcrashing, so make sure your clothing is up to the toughness needed to protect you.

Friday nite will be setting traps and snares, and restocking the feeders for the hog traps.  No gun hunting is expected Friday nite.  Saturday will be extensive training on building and setting traps, doing so, and running traps already set.


Hog Hunting
Saturday nite will include breaking into small groups for stalking and attempting to observe wildlife.  We will have some nite vision equipment (bring yours if you have it), and there are several deer blinds on the property.  However, we will be walking trails and sitting in wait for game at nite.  This will entail quiet skills, and necessitate that you wear adequate clothing to stay warm.    This will be done in small groups so that all can take advantage of the event.  There will be hunting for hogs, so if you desire to hunt hog, we will dedicate explicit areas for that event so as to maintain safety for all participants.  Any hogs that are killed will be field dressed and quartered, etc Sunday morning.  Therefore if it is your desire to kill a hog, then bring your own weapon and ammo, and be prepared to process your kill.  In other words, bring your knives and if you have a tree rig to hang the hog from, bring it along with the ice chests and plastic bags you will need to bring your meat home.  You may wish to bring ice as well if you feel like you will be successful in your hunt.  There is boo koo sign of hog, so if you don’t kill one, it is not for lack of wild hog.


Click on link below for detailed schedule and camp info:
2020 01 24 Trapping and Hunting Camp at Braziel’s Details