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YOU MUST CONTACT CAPTAIN TOUPS ASAP IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING AND HAVEN’T REGISTERED YET.  Planning is far advanced, but it is possible to join the group, provided you do so by Tuesday, June 23.  Contact Captain Toups at 972 375-1934 for more information.


Our end of year High Adventure Trip down a portion of the Buffalo River in north central Arkansas is on.  We will be leaving individually in the wee hours of Thursday, June 25 and rendezvous at the Carver Campground by early afternoon.  We will get on the water Thursday afternoon at 1400, and begin our 3 day, slow float trip down the Buffalo river to Baker’s Ford, a trip of approximately 26 miles.  Along the way we will be fishing and primitive camping along the river.  Should be great fun!

We will reach our destination before noon on Sunday for campers to be home by Sunday evening, June 28.  To accomplish this trip, we will be packing lightly, taking only what we need for the 4 days, three night trip, and all but about 16 hours of it will be on the river.

The troop will not provide any supplies but a first aid kid and a sat phone for emergencies.

You will be responsible for your own supplies and 4 days of  of canoe rental at $150/family + split cost of sat. phone (TBD).

Simply enter Carver Campground (White Township, AR) in Google Maps or Waze.  It is a 6:45 trip from Irving. WARNING for iPhone users: the iPhone map does not know Carver campground.

For those who wish, and if the timing works, bring a change of Sunday clothes (and deodorant!) to keep in your car.  There is an FSSP Sunday Mass at noon near Little Rock on the road back to Dallas.

As a suggestion and to make sure we think of everything, click on the following link to a list 1st Lt. Fusselman has compiled from his last 6 Buffalo River trips experience: Buffalo River Checklist – Improved for Next Canoe Trip


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