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Sabine River Authority biologists Terry Wilson and others will provide hands on guidance in how to sample and identify various types of water insects, critters, and fish.

The location will be at the covered pavilion at the “W. C. Swearingen Recreation Area” Sabine River Authority Day Use Area on Lake Fork approximately 90 miles (an hour and 45 minutes) east of Mater Dei, located on the north side of the branch of Lake Fork just north of Quitman (https://goo.gl/maps/KQXa4wjS3AYSWwH88).

There will be no Friday night camp or activities during this event.
There will be no Sacraments during this event.
We will get wet.  Bring bathing suits, water shoes, and sunscreen.  And a change of dry clothes
Bring fishing gear if you wish to fish.
Bring your mess kit.
Cost:  $8/person, $24 per family max.  Covers the cost of lunch and supper on Saturday.  No additional costs for those electing the optional overnight camp Saturday night.
Register Online:  Register at TSG1 online as starting Friday, April 16. 
Saturday will begin promptly at 10 am.
1000 :  Opening Prayer
1015 thru thru 1300:  Sampling and critter Identification techniques by Terry Wilson, Sabine River Authority Biologist, and other biologists, Lake Fork
1300:  Lunch- Grilled hot dogs with all the fixings
1430-1700  Afternoon Sampling and identification of creatures
1700 -1900  Fishing, swimming, exploring
1900   Grilled Steak Dinner
2000 pm  Depart for either the optional overnight camp at the Old Sabine River Bottom state wildlife management area, or for home.
Optional Saturday Night Camping:
Those that wish will do primitive camping at the Old Sabine River Bottom State Wildlife Management Area.  We will convoy the 40 minutes from Swearingen Park to the Camp site, Here are the directions anyway: https://goo.gl/maps/BLhSuaR5SXw7udhr5
There are three designated camping spots at the WMA, and we will be camping at the first such designated spot, which is located about 2 miles into the WMA, just north of the TPWD offices at the entrance of the WMA.  You will need water, tent, etc.  and BUG SPRAY since this is a bottomland area after all.   While there is no direct charge to camp at any specific WMA, a camping permit is required, and a single use permit costs $12, one that can be used all year, like a license, at any of the WMAs can be had for around $40, and like fishing and hunting licenses, is good for the year running from August thru August.  You can purchase the permit at any place that sells Texas hunting and fishing licenses.  This is different from a State Park pass.  To recap, if you wanted to camp, you need a WMA camping permit.  If you wanted to fish or hunt, you need a regular permit for those activities, like everywhere else.  You can obtain both of those permits at any place selling fishing licenses, or online.
Here is a link to the camping permit application:
Breakfast consists of cold items.
Camp will break by 9:00 am.  Folks are free to wander the WMA, which is about 5000 acres in size.  I recommend breathable boots that can get wet.  The Sabine River is accessible in the area. I recommend driving in a truck or SUV, as the roads in the WMA are primitive.
Mass can be joined at St Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, a Latin Mass, FSSP parish located about 30 minutes south from the WMA on the northern outskirts of Tyler.  Here are the directions:  https://goo.gl/maps/SRarrhwi5gJNESiQ7  Masses are said at 8 am (low) and 10 am (Sung).
Thank you.  God bless.