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Hi Folks,

Great news.  We are camping a mere 30 minutes north of Mater Dei on Lake Lewisville, in Hickory Creek Park.  This is a corps of engineers run park, and we will be staying in the primative camping area for  camps 1, 2, and 3.
The campsites are well drained, and accessible.  We will have no problems even in the case of rain.  However, we must pack our stuff in from the parking area to the camps is about 100 yds.  The parking area in paved, and is closed to campers other than ourselves.


Here is a map from Mater Dei to the actual camp spot:
What:      Camp focusing on Cooking, Knots & Lashing, Shephard’s sling use.  Troop will supply food, and all of the cooking pots and pans and aluminum foil that the troop has.  You must cook your own (on the fire) and if you want to use your own                                   cookware, bring it.  
When:      Friday, 2/26-Sunday, 2/28, 2021
Where:     Primitive Area Camps 1, 2 and 3 area at Hickory Creek Park. 
Cost:        Park Entrance Fee:  Nothing
Register: On the Troop web page.  Even if you have already paid (many did in anticipation of January’s cancelled camp), register on the web site and let me know how many of you are coming.  If you don’t have credit from a previous camp, then the cost is Camp Fee:  $15/per person, $45 max/family.
Sacraments:  Fr. McDonnell will hear confessions and offer the Sacrifice of the Mass for us Saturday afternoon.
Meals:     Friday- on your own.
                Saturday & Sunday Breakfast:  will have eggs, sausage, hash brown potatoes, cheese, condiments, and cold things such as fruit, granola bars,
                Saturday Lunch- will have sandwich bread, cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard, chips, and Gatorade/tea to drink.
                Saturday Supper:  Makings of aluminum foil (bum) suppers- a meat (chicken, meat balls, or hamburger), potatoes, onions, etc. and hot apple cider
                Hot Water- will be available all day so that anyone can have access to hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, or hot water.
                Hot Cider- available all day.
Weather:  Cool to cold, looking good Friday, cloudy and may rain Saturday night, and may rain Sunday.  Dress appropriately.
Park Restrictions:  
            1)  We CAN gather firewood.  
            2)  We WILL have to pack our gear in about 100yds.  Bring a cart.
            3)  We WILL do a service project of stacking some of the wood at the camp.
            4)  Camp Entrance Locked- no entry between 10 pm and 6 AM.  Camp Exit is always open.
Full agenda, maps, etc.- see the attached acrobat file.
Thank you.  God bless.